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A Big Thanks to Those Who Donated Blood October 22

Big thanks team donated bloodNovo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center recently partnered with Versiti Blood Center of Michigan for a community blood drive held October 22 at Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center. The blood drive was successful and had a significant impact for our community:

Donations: 15 whole blood

Whole blood is the blood that runs through your veins. It comprises red cells, white cells and platelets that are suspended in plasma. Considered the most flexible type of donation, whole blood can be transfused in its original form.

It also can be used to help many people when separated into its particular three components: red cells, plasma and platelets. Each day, whole blood donations assist in saving the lives of children and adults who are battling cancer, who have blood disorders or who have sustained traumatic injuries and more.

First-time donors: 10

In addition to those who donated blood for the first time, Dr. Colleen, Dr. Kacy, Dr. Lisa and some other team members donated blood.

Lives saved in our community: 45

Versiti blood donationGiving the gift of blood can help those

  • Who experience disasters or emergencies
  • Who lose blood during major surgeries
  • Who have lost blood due to a gastrointestinal bleed
  • With cancer or severe anemia
  • Women who experience serious complications during pregnancy or childbirth

If you were unable to attend the blood drive, you can still give the gift of life with a future donation. Simply go to Versiti’s main donor center page for the Grandville location. You can schedule a time to donate. Versiti also regularly hosts blood drives in the community.

We are grateful to all those who came out to donate on the 22nd and appreciate the excellent work that Versiti does in the community to save lives every day.

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