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Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center Reviews – Belmont Office

At Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center – Belmont Office, we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center care. For more information or to schedule an appointment call today.


“I can enjoy life again! My hip and lower back went from debilitating pain to nearly resolved!”
- David R.

I love Novo Chiropractic! I appreciate the staff for their patience to reschedule. They are so kind and helpful. When I miss an appointment I can feel the difference. Coming to my appointment means a lot to my back and my overall body feels so much better.”

- Veronica M.

I feel very comfortable coming here. Very knowledgeable and caring. It’s a good feeling knowing what is exactly going on because you take the time to explain everything thoroughly.”

- Frank M.

“Regular care has kept me comfortable. They are quick & easy & great staff and docs!”

- Dru S.

“Love the atmosphere and professionalism everyone always has a positive attitude and smile. I always feel welcomed when I come in.”

- Candace V.

“Novo Chiropractic has saved my day to day by removing my lower back pain! I am so grateful for the work they do.”

- Justin K.

“I am so glad I’ve started chiropractic care & have had less tingling in my hands & feet & have more energy. I’ve slept so much better. Thank you!”

- Karen G.

“I feel so much better already after only a few adjustments! The doctors are so kind and the staff is as well!.”

- Eda C.

“Being at Novo is a welcoming environment and the employees are so kind, as well as helpful. I always leave feeling more relaxed than when I came in!”

- Mikayla C.

“Intense 6 week regiment took pain from 10 to 1. Fantastic results!”

- Patsy G.

“The staff at Novo Chiropractic is incredibly helpful and informative. I am grateful for how much my visits have been helping me. While it isn’t night and day, the change is noticeable and appreciated. In combination with personal lifestyle choices such as mediation, healthier eating, and regular exercise, my visits will help me tremendously.”

- Aaron S.

“Novo has helped me become more balanced and feel better over all. I have discovered that chiropractic can fix just about any ache or pain.”

- Kendra V.

“I was having serious back and leg pain to the extent I was constantly on pain medication. After my assessment and weekly visits for a few months, I was out of pain and completely off the pain medication. The office has great friendly staff that takes the time to listen and help.”

- Robin D.

“The people at Novo Chiropractic were excellent at explaining what was going to happen and the benefits of care are. They made me feel very comfortable.”

- Sue D.

“I love being a patient here because it changed my perspective on chiropractic care. I’m feeling rejuvenated mentally and physically and it’s been doing positive things for me and my life.”

- Zak K.

“Novo Chiropractic is great! Their staff is professional, helpful and fast. I have almost never had to wait for my appointment which is perfect for my busy schedule. I would highly recommend Novo Chiropractic and Dr. Wink!”

- Anna P.

“My name is Andy M and I work at Scully Statewide. Last year I threw out my lower back. It was the scariest experience not knowing if I will ever be able to work again or how I would feed my family if I couldn’t. That all changed when my work sent me to NOVO. I met Dr. Eric and the staff and believe me, I was a skeptic. All that I can say is there is not a question Dr. Eric does not have an answer for and the staff made me feel so comfortable. I am now in the best shape of my life and it’s all thanks for Dr. Eric and his amazing team at NOVO. I can’t come up with one bad thing to say about NOVO. The doctors actually care about your well being. The care is affordable and you’re never treated like a number. Thanks again for everything that you and your team does, you are all ROCKSTARS!”

- Andy M.

“This past spring, my lower back was in so much pain. I had trouble doing anything; walking, sitting, sleeping, etc. After a few months of treatment, I am so much better. With monthly maintenance treatment, I can move like normal.”

- Jenny C.

“I appreciate Novo because they taught me about chiropractic care even though I’ve seen a chiro for more than 30 years. I love their location, hours, and their kind staff. Now my whole family comes regularly for wellness and to continue to prevent my headaches. Thank you!”

- Melissa F.

“I love you guys! I NEVER believed I could feel this good before I started coming here! Thank you guys :)”

- Kara M.

“I have been so happy to be a patient here. I have been dealing with the pain for years and have used other therapies like physical therapy and other chiropractic offices and this is the first time that I can say I am generally pain free. Not to mention the wonderful, helpful and friendly staff! My two little boys also come here and they LOVE their adjustment with Dr. Eric. Our family is so grateful for this office!”

- Livia H.

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