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Check Out Our Back-to-School Promo

With back-to-school season upon us, many children will be toting more than backpacks–they’ll be carrying added stress with them. From all the different changes they’re experiencing, such as new classrooms and mask-wearing, many kids feel pressure, which can manifest in physical and emotional pain. The good news is that natural chiropractic care can help keep their spines aligned and healthy, which also can alleviate stress.

To ease your child’s transition back to school (and yours too!) you can enter to win some great prizes for them when you come by one of our four practice locations!

  • An Adidas backpack
  • Skullcandy noise-canceling headphones
  • A $100 Amazon gift card

There will be one winner at each of the Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center locations. Check out the following two ways to win:

Option One:
Helping to Nourish Area Students

Food is fundamental, and your commitment can help to feed our community’s children by ensuring our neighbors have access to healthy and nourishing food. That’s why we are proud to partner with Kids’ Food Basket.

Refer a friend or family member using the $37 Kids’ Food Basket donation special. One hundred percent of the $37 fee collected will feed more than a full classroom of students. For each person referred you get five entries!

Option Two:
Leave a Google or Facebook Review

Another way to enter the promo is to leave a Google review. If you’ve already done that we invite you to leave one on Facebook. By submitting a review on both Google and Facebook, you get two entries!

Our Secondary Drawing for Elementary Students

For our younger crowd, we are featuring a secondary drawing. To enter, bring in the coloring sheet below or color one in the office. You can take the picture with you or choose to have it hung in our office. The winner from each location will receive stickers, a drawing pad and markers.

*Click On The Picture To Download
coloring page

Thank you in advance for participating in our promo! Not only are you helping those in need in Western Michigan, but you’ll also help your child start the school year with optimal health!

Call (616) 259-9835 today for more information.

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