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Keep Your Wallet Fat & Your Body Healthy With Chiropractic

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If you’re new to chiropractic, you may think of it as a way to relieve back and neck pain. Chiropractic does indeed do a great job of that, but it’s also an affordable, safe and effective way to keep your body healthy!

Safe & Conservative

Unlike painkillers, which have many side effects, and surgery, which has associated risks, chiropractic care is a conservative and safe way to get pain relief, improve function and much more. We find that many people deal with conditions that they come into our offices with that are a side effect of a medication they’re on for something that they could already navigate naturally with chiropractic.

Drugs and surgery are often bandage solutions. We know that surgery or medication is sometimes necessary, but for many health issues, a visit to the chiropractor should be a first stop versus a last resort.


By taking a proactive approach to your health through affordable chiropractic care, you could potentially avoid many health conditions that require costly care. And consider this: not only is the traditional healthcare model of drugs and surgery more expensive, it doesn’t get to the root cause of a person’s condition.

Quick & Convenient

How many times have you gone to a doctor’s office and found yourself sitting in the waiting room for a long time? At Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center, you’ll be seen promptly, and your regular visits are quick. We also offer late hours some days of the week, making it a snap to get into to see us.

An Essential Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Just like working out regularly, eating clean, and getting good sleep are all important pieces of the wellness puzzle, chiropractic care is as well. That’s because when your nervous system is healthy, you can be too! Our chiropractors also enjoy providing valuable advice to patients about healthy lifestyle habits.

Remember: anything worth having takes an ongoing effort. And we are here to support you in your journey to optimal health and wellness! Contact us today to get started.

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