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Kids of All Ages Benefit From Chiropractic Care

family with three kids smilingAt Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center, we treat kids from the time they’re born all the way through adulthood. Dr. Eric Wink in our Belmont location offers safe adjusting techniques that are gentle and appropriate for the child’s size and development.

Our Techniques

For newborns and infants, we locate areas of misalignment and correct them using sustained contact of about six to eight ounces of pressure on the spine. That’s about the same pressure you use when you check a peach for ripeness, and there is no impact or thrust involved. This safe, gentle pressure is enough to allow the spinal bone to move back into its proper position. Babies often sleep right through adjustments.

As children get older, we will transition them to Activator Methods® adjustments. The Activator® is an instrument that can be adjusted to set the intensity of the impulse to an extremely light force. This offers a very light, safe adjustment that can be increased as children get bigger.

The Benefits of Chiropractic

Kids’ spines and nervous systems are very adaptable, because they don’t have decades of accumulated stress creating rigid patterns. Research shows that 95-99% of people are born with spinal misalignments, so if we can address these misalignments in childhood and establish healthy patterns from the beginning, children can develop optimally and grow into adults with healthy functioning nervous systems.

Since there is less built-up interference in kids’ nervous systems, it’s easier to create optimal alignment and remove nerve irritation. Adjustments also hold longer, because old patterns aren’t trying to pull the body back into misalignment. We encourage monthly maintenance care to keep children functioning at their highest potential, as well as checking them after falls, bumps or mishaps that can cause misalignment.

When the nervous system is free of interference, the body and brain can communicate better, which helps the brain process sensory information more appropriately and can help with behavioral issues.

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