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What Are the Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic?

pregnant woman touching her lower backAt Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center, we want to help our moms-to-be enjoy this special time. Pregnancy chiropractic care can help you have the most comfortable pregnancy possible, and can also help prepare your body to have the safest, easiest delivery possible. Dr. Eric Wink in our Belmont office is certified in Webster Technique to provide you with the best in prenatal care.

Adapting to Changes

During pregnancy, your body is going through a lot of changes as it shifts and adapts to provide room for your growing baby. One of these changes is the production of a hormone called relaxin, which creates more mobility in the body, allowing structures to expand as necessary to accommodate the baby, as well as for delivery.

This additional mobility can cause a lot of misalignment in the spine and pelvis, resulting in low back pain and pain in other areas. With chiropractic adjustments, we can restore proper alignment and remove nerve interference, so your body can function at its highest capacity and operate without pain.

Your changing center of gravity can also cause discomfort. As more of your weight is located in the front of your body, you lean back to compensate and create balance. This creates a sharper curve in the low back, which puts a significant amount of impingement on the low back and pelvis. This results in nerve pressure and pain. Chiropractic adjustments help correct your postural compensation, relieving the nerve pressure.

Webster Technique

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic method designed for keeping the spine and pelvis properly aligned by addressing the pelvic muscles and ligaments. By keeping your pelvis properly aligned, we remove nerve interference, alleviate pain and optimize the functionality of your uterus, pelvis and birth canal for delivery. This also ensures that your baby has sufficient room to develop as it should, and to get into the correct position for birth.

Start Early

Chiropractic care is safe during every trimester. We encourage patients to start as soon as possible so we can maximize your comfort and ease throughout your pregnancy. Contact us to schedule today.

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