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How Chiropractic Care Helps You Prepare for Birth

pregnant mom holding her tummyGiving birth is traumatic for both Mom and Baby, so anything you can do to make the process easier, quicker and safer benefits both of you. At our Novo Chiropractic Sports & Wellness Center Belmont location, Dr. Eric Wink specializes in prenatal chiropractic care so you can enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy and a more optimal delivery.

Many studies have shown that women who receive regular chiropractic care during pregnancy have faster, healthier deliveries with fewer emergency interventions like forceps and vacuum deliveries.

Your Body Knows What to Do

Your body knows how to grow a new human, and it was designed to shift and adapt to make room for your baby. As it goes through these changes, however, nerve irritation can occur and this can result in pain, discomfort and other dysfunction. Safe, gentle chiropractic care removes nerve interference and irritation by restoring proper spinal alignment so your body can operate at a higher capacity.

We also address your pelvic alignment, which is important for your comfort and your baby’s development. Dr. Eric is certified in the Webster Technique, which works with the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis to remove restrictions of the uterus. This ensures that the baby has the room needed to develop properly, as well as room to get into the optimal head-down position for birth.

It’s important to note that nothing we do turns babies—chiropractic care simply removes interferences to help optimize the functionality of your entire body, including your uterus, pelvis and birth canal.

When to Begin Care

The best time to start receiving pregnancy chiropractic care is now. The earlier we start addressing nerve interference, the longer time your body has to function at its highest capacity, creating the safest and most comfortable pregnancy for you and your baby. But even if you don’t seek care until your third trimester, we can still alleviate nerve interference and help your body adapt as much as possible.

Contact us today to book your first pregnancy chiropractic appointment.

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